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Has online piracy reached a tipping point?

Has online piracy reached a tipping point?

For years, digital technology and the Internet have provided a virtual buffet of digital content from which millions have feasted for free.

Whether it be downloading movies illegally found with the help of the Pirate Bay, ripping a movie rental from Netlix to a computer hard drive, republishing an unauthorized copy of a news photograph to the Web, or sharing music on peer-to-peer services, the people who create this content have begun to send a message: “no more free lunches.”

Copyright owners around the globe have gone on the attack. They’re backing antipiracy legislation in France and Sweden. They’re lobbying Internet service providers in the United States to crack down on customers who download files illegally. They’re pressuring hardware and software companies to prevent their products from being used as “pirate toolboxes.” They’re threatening legal action against Google and other sites that aggregate news without permission.


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