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Windows 7 Release Candidate Leaked Online

Windows 7 Release Candidate Leaked Online

In what has become a regular occurrence, another version of Windows 7 has leaked to file-sharing sites. The latest version is reportedly Win 7 Release Candidate built 7100, which is slated for an official Microsoft launch in early May.

Some bloggers who’ve had a chance to examine the alleged bootleg of RC 7100 are convinced it’s the real deal. Long Zheng of the istartedsomething blog believes the latest Win 7 code, accessible via your favorite “content hub” (P2P site), is real if unspectacular:

“The highly anticipated release candidate (RC) build of Windows 7 has been leaked and its authenticity is entirely undisputed. First looks reveal nothing significantly new or different, but if you’ve been wanting to get a vibe of how far Windows 7 has come since the public beta, especially performance, this is the build to get.”


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