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Where is Vista SP2?

Where is Vista SP2?

Even though Microsoft seems increasingly reticent to say the ¡§V¡¨ word (Vista), some users still do care. I¡¦ve had several readers ask me when the Redmondians are going to release Vista SP2 on the Microsoft Download site.

The answer, from Microsoft, is no answer (beyond the already-stated ¡§some time in the second calendar quarter of this year¡¨).

Microsoft released to manufacturing the final version of Vista SP2 ¡X and Windows Server 2008 SP2 ¡X on April 29. Microsoft made SP2 briefly (and possibly accidentally) available to MSDN, TechNet and Connect members on May 6. Late last week, Microsoft delivered the fully integrated images of SP2 for Vista client and Windows Server 2008 to TechNet and MSDN subscribers.


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