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What’s new in Linux 2.6.29

After eight pre-release versions and, thanks to the holidays and LCA 2009 ( a somewhat extended development phase, Linus Torvalds has now released Linux version 2.6.29. A penguin masked Tasmanian devil called Tuz will stand in as Linux mascot for this release, with the aim of drawing attention to the plight of endangered animals.

As with its predecessors on the main Linux development line, 2.6.29 also includes a whole range of new features. The kernel hackers have included two new file systems, in the form of Btrfs and SquashFS, and have also added new functions and fixed a number of bugs in the still fledgling Ext4 code. Kernel-based mode setting (KMS) promises a flicker-free boot, higher resolution text consoles and the elimination of a number of graphics hardware-related technical problems.


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