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Using cryptography to secure embedded device authentication profiles

Using cryptography to secure embedded device authentication profiles

Development of products using the latest technology costs a lot of money. The greater the development cost, the greater the temptation to clone the product. Counterfeit goods comprise between 1% and 5% of worldwide trade, and it is growing at an alarming rate. Since the cloner doesn’t have a reputation to protect, quality and performance often suffer. The cloner can make a greater profit and offer the product at a lower cost by bypassing the development process and cutting corners on product safety and reliability. The result can be annoying if an ink cartridge fails. It can be expensive if a counterfeit battery damages the end-product. It can be life-threatening if a medical consumable is below standard..

Another issue is microprocessor firmware. Hackers are constantly figuring out ways to defeat product features intended to product the end-user from unauthorized firmware downloads. While opening up a mobile phone to additional service providers may seem attractive, it puts the phone at risk of getting malware that could compromise the end-users personal information or damage the phone itself.


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