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U.S. census is using GPS

U.S. census is using GPS

Sent in by a reader:

A US Census worker came to my house today in Greenville SC to give me a piece of paper and punch in the GPS coordinates. He would have not told me about the GPS unless i asked. Then his explanation was to “matchup” the house better. I thought I was very nice to him. Then as he walked around the neighborhood i shot some video as is my right even on a public street muchless my own porch. He then came back and rang my doorbell to interrogate me on why i was taking his picture. Particularly interesting is how he yelled he worked for the Federal Government. And I was invading his privacy even though he was just at MY front porch punching in a GPS to my front door……..

Read more at There’s a also a home video of the encounter, but it may give you nystagmus or a headache. 🙂

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