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Twitter worm culprit gets hacked

Twitter worm culprit gets hacked

It was bound to happen. Finally, a hacking story which will have a smile on everyone’s face. Well, nearly everyone. It seems that 17 year old Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney, the script kiddie who claimed responsibility for the several Twitter worm attacks which took place last Easter weekend, has been on the receiving end this time.

According to a conversation that took place with the author of the SecuritySlacker blog via Moon’s hacked Facebook account, the hackers carried out the attack because they didn’t like the 17 year-old’s cocky attitude. It seems they hacked his web domain and have now “got his life”, which will please any Twitter users on the receiving end of Mikeyy’s own antics last weekend, Sneak reckons. “His 5 minutes of fame is gona become a whole lotta shame”, wrote the hackers, who go by the name /bin/sh. Well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.


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