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Top 10 dangerous technologies

Top 10 dangerous technologies

There seems to be a prevailing current of doom and gloom in the world at the moment. If we’re not waiting for swine flu to take over then it’s terrorists in the living room or pirates on the high seas.

But these threats largely leave the IT world untouched. So this week we’ve decided to look at the top technology threats facing society. These cover both present and future threats and some of them are far removed from the desktop ┬íV for the moment at least. The more powerful and pervasive technology becomes, the more dangerous it becomes as well. With every part of our lives we hand over to an automated system, we increase the chances that the system will go haywire and cause chaos in our lives.

So if you’re sick of the standard media scare stories take a look at these, and then either huddle under your blankets or go out and smell the roses. These are real threats, but how we deal with them will show if we have the maturity to make it as a species.


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