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Toddler buys $20,000 excavator on TradeMe

Toddler buys $20,000 excavator on TradeMe

Three-year-old Pipi Quinlan bought a $20,000 Kobelco digger on auction website TradeMe, prompting immediate damage control by her mum when her purchase was revealed. Most parents are used to little ones sneaking treats into the supermarket trolley, but Pipi¡¦s deal must take the cake.

Parents Sarah and Reid Quinlan, of Stanmore Bay, were astonished to wake one morning to find Pipi had bought the huge excavating digger in a TradeMe auction. The technically savvy kid had woken early and, with the rest of her family sound asleep, decided to play with the computer.

With a few clicks of the mouse she entered Internet Explorer and the Trade Me site her mother had already logged on to. After a few more timely clicks, she had won the most recent auction listed on the site¡¦s homepage. It was for a Kobelco digger, and she had it for $20,000 ¡V money she didn¡¦t have in her piggy bank.


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