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The World Cup Is Going To Cause Severe Vulnerability Exploits

The World Cup Is Going To Cause Severe Vulnerability Exploits

It is official; the online world is going mad. Malicious individuals will do anything to achieve their online goals, and are going further and further into malicious online activities. The latest news pertaining to vulnerabilities is that the upcoming World Cup is going to cause many website and computer security vulnerability exploits. This is a very scary concept but with all the computer vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited, it will not be surprising if by the time the world cup comes these vulnerabilities will be much worse.

An alarming factor to take into account is that if the past is any indication for future events then these computer security vulnerabilities and attacks are going to be worse than you may think. If you think back to The European Championship last year in 2008, you will remember that it was exploited through drive-by attacks. The official web page was severely compromised by malicious online attackers.


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