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The Sims 3 Leaked Two Weeks Before Its Launch

The Sims 3 Leaked Two Weeks Before Its Launch

It can¡¦t get any better than this for gamers: The Sims 3 video game has been leaked on torrents two weeks before its official release. This is just unbelievable, as a few weeks ago, the an unfinished version of the Wolverine movie was leaked on torrents about 30 days before its premiere. According to Electronic Arts and Maxis, the game will officially be released on Junde 2, and for the moment none of them reacted on The Sims 3 leak on torrents.

We can say that hackers and pirates have won another battle against publishers and distributors, and this will have to hurt EA a lot. For the moment we can¡¦t tell for sure if the game is real as the packed/unpacked leaks are sized somewhere near 5GB. The small size of the game makes us think that this is not the actual game, but maybe it¡¦s an unfinished version of The Sims 3 life simulation game.


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