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The Neverending ‘Year of Linux on the Desktop’ Debate

The Neverending ‘Year of Linux on the Desktop’ Debate

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, summer is unofficially here. What better way to celebrate than with another rousing “Year of Linux on the desktop” debate?! Sure enough — it may be an oldie, but it’s clearly a goodie, and in recent days, bloggers far and wide have been ready and willing to entertain the question again.

In fact, two such topics have dominated the Linux blogs lately, and they’re inherently related. First came the well-worn question of whether Linux needs marketing, a topic that was kicked off when Danijel Orsolic noted that “Linux is not an OS.”

“Good luck with that,” quipped tuxchick on LXer, leading to more than 100 lively comments.


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