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Teen takes responsibility for Twitter worms

Teen takes responsibility for Twitter worms

As a second Twitter exploit began circulating on the micro-blogging site Sunday, a teen-ager from Brooklyn told CNET News he created both worms to promote his Web site.

Much like Saturday’s StalkDaily worm, the “Mikeyy” worm posts unwanted messages to users’ pages. The “Mikeyy” worm began spreading on the micro-blogging site early Sunday, posting messages such as “Mikeyy I am done…,” “MikeyyMikeyy is done.,” and “Twitter please fix this, regards Mikeyy.”

Brooklyn resident named Michael “Mikeyy” Mooney, 17, told Twitter news service BNO News that he created the worm “out of boredom.” “I usually like to find vulnerabilities within websites and try not to cause too much damage, but start a worm or something to give the developers an insight on the problem and while doing so, promoting myself or my website,” he told the site.


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