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Swedish ISP Thwarts Copyright Cops by Erasing Data

Swedish ISP Thwarts Copyright Cops by Erasing Data

The Swedish telecom operator Tele 2 plans to erase all data identifying its 600,000 customers, a decision that will undermine the new IPRED law and make the hunt for internet scofflaws more difficult.

Starting on Tuesday, Tele 2 will destroy records of IP addresses after theyˇ¦ve been processed for internal use. Itˇ¦s a way to secure the customersˇ¦ privacy ˇX and, the company likely hopes, to strengthen the ISPˇ¦s market position.

ˇ§This is a strong wish from our customers and therefore weˇ¦ve decided to no longer keep records of customersˇ¦ IP addresses,ˇ¨ Tele2ˇ¦s CEO in Sweden, Niclas Palmstierna, told the Swedish news agency TT. ˇ§We do this to strengthen the protection of customer privacy.ˇ¨


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