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Steve Jobs’ Amazon account hacked?

Steve Jobs’ Amazon account hacked?

Steve Jobs’ Amazon account has supposedly been hacked, claims an individual identifying himself as “orin0co,” according to Cult of Mac. The hacker asserts he was able to gain access to the account by sending Jobs a forged, official-looking e-mail to Jobs, tricking the Apple CEO to log into a fake Amazon account, and subsequently providing the hacker with the personal login information.

orin0co believes the incident is humiliating for Apple, which recently advertised Macs as less susceptible to “viruses, crashes, and headaches” in its Elimination ad. orin0co insinuated greater susceptibility in an e-mail sent using a secure Hushmail account. “Imagine how safe Mac is if you can trick the mighty Steve Jobs,” he said.

The hacker maintains that he has not misused the account, otherwise Jobs and Amazon might have realized the intrusion. Apple has declined to comment about whether or not orin0co’s claims are true, while Amazon has stated it has no knowledge of any disturbance to Steve Jobs’ account.


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