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Sony Calls PSP Piracy Rates “Sickening”

Sony Calls PSP Piracy Rates “Sickening”

The PlayStation Portable looks to be rebounding in a big way in 2009, featuring as it does titles like Dissidia Final Fantasy and Rock Band Unplugged. But speaking with Gamasutra, senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille said that there have been more challenges facing the platform than the fact that third-party developers were “ready to the jump off the cliff” eighteen months ago. Challenges like piracy.

“I’m convinced and we’re convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP,” Dille said. “It’s been a problem that the industry has to address together; it’s one that I think the industry takes very seriously, but we need to do something to address this because it’s criminal what’s going on, quite frankly.”


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