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Smarts, Not Big Bucks, Helps Stave off Malware

Smarts, Not Big Bucks, Helps Stave off Malware

Two years ago, U.S. retailer TJX spent some US$130 million — including US$65 million to two credit card companies — to clean up the mess after the online theft from its computers of consumer data.

Had the company followed basic wireless security procedures the breach wouldn’t have happened, Derek Manky,project manager for cybersecurity and threat research for security vendor Fortinet, told the IT360 technologyconference last week in Toronto.

It’s an example, he said, of how defending against the ever-increasing malware threats can be effective and not expensive. “The reality is breaches and infections will happen,” Manky said. A layered defence based on unified threatmanagement rather than end point products will help blunt the attacks, he said. But some actions don’t involve spending a penny.


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