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Secure Your Wi-Fi While Traveling

Secure Your Wi-Fi While Traveling

Wireless internet enabled laptops and devices like BlackBerries and iPhones have been true life-savers for travelers. Back before the whole wireless internet explosion, the frequent flying businessman, the leisure traveler and the vacationing mom and dad all had to be content to exist in a sort of purgatory while moving from point A to point B.

Nowadays when we¡¦re on the road, you have very little to worry about when it comes to getting the information you need, corresponding with e-mail or instant messaging or writing up those important spreadsheets. As a nice bonus, if you¡¦re just bored and need to entertain yourself on a ten hour flight somehow, you can just sit back and watch some YouTube videos, since a lot of airlines are now providing cheap in-flight wireless internet.

But here¡¦s the thing; wherever you have a new way of transferring information, snoops also have a new way of stealing information and sending bad information.


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