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Psystar claims Apple asking for non-existent, redundant info

Psystar claims Apple asking for non-existent, redundant info

Mac clone maker Psystar has shot back at accusations that it was withholding important information in Apple’s lawsuit against it, arguing that it’s being asked to invent documents that don’t exist or which are no longer necessary.

Filed earlier this week, the response letter rejects out of hand Apple’s complaints that Psystar hasn’t produced formal financial statements indicating its worth. Instead, it contends that many of the documents for balance, profit-and-loss, or other characteristics of its finances simply don’t (and don’t need to) exist.

The Florida PC assembler insists that has never produced any monthly, quarterly or yearly statements and rebuffs Apple’s notion that drafts exist of a financial projection meant to garner early funding; although a final document was made for the venture capitalists who made the investment, Psystar claims that it never made long-term backups of the work-in-progress documents. Psystar chief Rudy Pedraza is already on record as having said this, the defense attorneys say.


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