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Pswrd? You guessed it!

Pswrd? You guessed it!

You may promise to share the trials and tribulations of life during the saat phere, but there¡¦s one thing that husbands and wives keep to themselves ¡V their passwords, yaar! Why?

Well, who knows it might just turn out to be the name of that hot ex, whom he/she is most insecure about! But, a recent study reveals that your top-guarded secret might not be that confidential, or for that matter that hard to guess. It¡¦s most likely to be the most obvious one ¡V the digits ¡¥123456¡¦, in that order. Or the nickname of that cute girl that you dated in college. The initials of your first and last name, combined with your date of birth. Your favourite swear word. Your home address. Or simply, the word ¡¥password¡¦, at times prefixed or suffixed with ¡¥invalid¡¦, ¡¥wrong¡¦, ¡¥my¡¦, ‘forgot¡¦, ¡¥remember¡¦, et al.

That, of course, explains why hackers have a field day. We got some young password keepers to share their silly, too obvious and not-so-hard-to-guess passwords.


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