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Programming SKills for PT…?

Programming SKills for PT…?

Posted by Swaminathan Balaji on May 4

Hi all,

I work on Firewalls, IDS/IPS for the past 3yrs approx since I have
finished my graduation. I had no interest on programming and I almost
hated it (2 be frank I have bunked even my C, C++ classes in college).
Luckily I was into Networking, Security etc. But I am very much


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  1. "Penetration Testing (pen-test) Mailing List" says:

    Re: Programming SKills for PT…?

    Posted by Robin Wood on May 7

    2009/5/4 Swaminathan, Balaji <>:
    > Hi all,
    > 1. What are the programming/scripting languages needed to accompolish
    > the above?
    > 2. I see most of the real hackers are well proficient in almost all of
    > the the…


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