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“Pirate Google” sets sail to show copyright hypocrisy

“Pirate Google” sets sail to show copyright hypocrisy

The Pirate Bay trial saw the defendants trot out “the Google defense” on multiple occasions: Google indexes .torrent files, so what’s wrong with our doing it? That point didn’t sway the judge, who saw a world of difference between what the two sites did, but it did resonate with at least one Internet coder, who last week rolled out The Pirate Google.

The site serves as little more than a gateway to a Google custom search (it simply limits all queries to .torrent files, something that any searcher can do on their own by adding “filetype:torrent” to searches). It exists not so much to provide useful functionality, but to make the same point that The Pirate Bay admins made at their trial: Google indexes all of this stuff as well.

Ars spoke with the mysterious masked man (or woman) behind the site, who tells us that it was thrown together on Tuesday, April 21 and went live the following day. In the week since launch, the site has garnered both publicity and traffic¡Xnearly a million hits so far.


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