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PayPal reluctant to honour customer protection promise

PayPal reluctant to honour customer protection promise

“You won’t find another online financial institution that’s better at protecting its sellers than PayPal,” boasts its website. Jale Avcil sheltered under this cheering promise when she used the services of the online money transfer company to sell an iPod via its sister company, the online auction house eBay.

The successful buyer bid ┬óG265 and Avcil sent the item by special delivery. However, the buyer claimed the item never arrived, which was odd since Royal Mail’s tracking service showed that someone of the same name had signed for it. Months later, Avcil discovered that the buyer had claimed a refund via his credit card issuer and that PayPal had sanctioned a chargeback. Avcil then discovered another eBay seller who had had an identical experience with the same buyer, but PayPal was unmoved.


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