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Password paranoia (or, how to melt your own brain)

Password paranoia (or, how to melt your own brain)

IS THERE anybody else out there who uses a super-complicated, hack-proof password to gain access to their home computer? And who diligently changes it every few months? As though it were a ritual as important in life as flossing or oiling the axle on the wheelie bin? Or am I the only certified paranoid basket case in this city?

The nightmare scenario looping in my head is that if somebody breaks into my house the first thing they’ll go for won’t be the Blu-ray player or the plasma screen or my scrupulously catalogued collection of Asian Nudist Health Farm Quarterly. It’ll be to get into my computer and do terrible things, such as tell everybody what’s on my screensaver. (For the record, it’s an artist’s impression of a Care Bear giving “the business” to a Cabbage Patch doll. Now leave me alone.)


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