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P2P Peer to Peer can Lead to Identity Theft

P2P Peer to Peer can Lead to Identity Theft

The US Government (House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform) is responding to reports that peer to peer (P2P) file sharing allows internet users to access other P2P users most important files including bank records, tax files, health records, and passwords files. This same P2P software allows users to download p2p pirated music, movies and software.

What¡¦s interesting is that they didn¡¦t already know this was going on. Probably most of the committee has kids who have iPods and their own home PCs probably have P2P software installed.

Recently an academic from Dartmouth College did a study and found medical files. In my own research I have uncovered tax returns, student loan applications, credit reports and multiple social security numbers. I¡¦ve found family rosters which have usernames and passwords to all their sites and all the families¡¦ socials. I¡¦ve found their Christmas lists. Love letters, private photos and videos (naughty ones too) and just about anything else you can file digitally.


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