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Odds are your idea of online safety is so last week

Odds are your idea of online safety is so last week

Twitter, despite its chirpy logo and its endorsement from Oprah, isn’t as harmless as it seems.

Throughout April, worms have ripped through the “microblogging” platform, infecting user accounts with malicious code that spread from profile to profile as Twitterers visited one another’s compromised pages. Every time Twitter’s administrators declared that they had cleaned up the infection, a new strain of malicious code would begin propagating through thousands of accounts, week after week.

So far, that string of 140-character epidemics has seemed to be nothing more than an experiment in hacking Twitter, designed by a 17-year-old Brooklynite named Mikey Mooney. But the warnings for the microblogging platform and its explosively growing user base are clear enough: Next time, the same sort of worm could be designed to steal users’ passwords or hijack their PCs with malicious software.

URL: http://www.hackintheboxorg/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=31232

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