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Obama gives fresh impetus to cybercrime battle

Obama gives fresh impetus to cybercrime battle

Barack Obama, US president, yesterday lifted cybersecurity high up his administration’s agenda as he promised to name a White House co-ordinator to oversee policy and responses to threats to government and private communications networks.

Mr Obama cited an industry report that put losses from cybercrime – including industrial espionage and identity theft – at $1,000bn (€706bn, £617bn). He de-clared that the increased dependence on electronic banking and commerce made improved security a matter of economic necessity as well as a key plank of national defence.

“Our defence and military networks are under constant attack,” he said. “Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups have spoken of their desire to unleash a cyberattack on our country – attacks that are harder to detect and harder to defend against.” Releasing a review of federal policy on cybersecurity, Mr Obama said the government had been hamstrung so far by its complexity and conflicts among agencies.


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