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Nude photos leaked to the net by hackers

Cassie Exposed: Nude photos leaked to the net by hackers

Lately, it seems as though more artists and celebrities are being exposed left and right. Photos that they took some time ago somehow become items of interest to hackers and eventually they become stolen material. And, of course, the media and the fans indulge the sensation of seeing their favorite or non-favorite artist or celebrity in the bare.

In what has been some interesting news to many gossip columns and paparazzi sites that was just reported within the last day or so, apparently nude photos of Bad Boy recording artist, Cassie, has leaked to the net. At first, there wasn¡¦t any confirmation on whether or not that was even the real Cassie or a Photoshop creation, according to her Twitter profile; she apparently has admitted that it was actually hers, by reason of ¡¥technicalities.¡¦


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