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New secure VoIP offering from Alcatel-Lucent

New secure VoIP offering from Alcatel-Lucent

More and more organizations are looking to harness the cost-savings offered by VoIP V as well as the productivity benefits of voice-based IP applications V however many still lack awareness about the associated security risks.

The reality is that organizations deploying insecure VoIP systems risk falling victim to voice tapping and manipulation, which can result in identify theft, spoofing, loss of sensitive data, denial of service attacks and eavesdropping. Successful hackers can even shut down, jam, takeover voice networks or use voice security vulnerabilities at the perimeter as an easy initiation point to attack the data network.

Alcatel-Lucents new secure voice offering V comprising its VPN Firewall Brick platform with an Alcatel-Lucent IP telephony platform V is designed to combat the growth of call hacking and data theft, protecting corporate networks in the process.


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