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New Microsoft Office 2010 test build leaks

New Microsoft Office 2010 test build leaks

Microsoft officials said last week that the company would release a new test build of its Office 2010 suite in July. But it looks like some testers got it at the end of this week and subsequently leaked it to the Web.

The build that leaked is not the January alpha. It likely is the invitation-only test build due to g o out officially to thousands of invited testers this summer. Ars Technica has screen shots up, showing the Ribbonization of the entire Office 2010 (¡¨Office 14?) family. The new ¡§SharePoint Workspace Manager¡¨ product (a k a, relabeld Groove synchronization client), which Microsoft acknowledged this past week would be part of the Office 2010 Professional Plus SKU, is part of the leaked bits. Windows-Now blogger Robert McLaws has screen shots up showing one way Microsoft is planning to ¡§light up¡¨ Office 2010 when it is used with Windows 7 (via an Office jump list).


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