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Microsoft Security Bulletin for May 2009

Microsoft Security Bulletin for May 2009

The table below lists the Microsoft vulnerabilities for May.

MS Bulletin Number Microsoft Bulletin Title Severity Impact of Vulnerability Affected Software CVE ID
MS09-017 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office PowerPoint Could Allow Remote Code Execution (967340) Critical Remote Code Execution Microsoft Office 2009-0220 2009-0221 2009-0222 2009-0223 2009-0224 2009-0225 2009-0226 2009-0227 2009-0556 2009-1128 2009-1129 2009-1130 2009-1131 2009-1137

Threat Remediation

Fortinet provides coverage on Microsoft vulnerabilities in May 2009.

CVE Number Signature Name
CVE-2009-0220 MS.PowerPoint.PP4X322.DLL.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-0221 MS.PowerPoint.Atom.Integer.Overflow
CVE-2009-0222 MS.PowerPoint.PP4X322.DLL.PackedData.Buffer.Overflow
CVE-2009-0223 MS.Powerpoint.Converter.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-0224 MS.Powerpoint.Objects.Size.Heap.Overflow
CVE-2009-0225 MS.Powerpoint.Old.File.Format.Parsing.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-0226 MS.PowerPoint.File.Format.Converter.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-0227 MS.PowerPoint.File.Stack.Buffer.Overrun
CVE-2009-0556 MS.PowerPoint.OutlineTextRefAtom.Memory.Corruption
CVE-2009-1128 MS.PowerPoint.PSTSoundEntity.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-1129 MS.PowerPoint.PSTExEmbed.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-1130 MS.PowerPoint.HashCode10.Code.Execution
CVE-2009-1131 MS.PowerPoint.CurrentUserAtom.Remote.Code.Execution

For more information on new and enhanced signatures, visit the IPS Service Update History. If you require more information, contact the FortiGuard Team using our Contact Us web page.

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