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Microsoft NZ hacked

Microsoft NZ hacked

The domain has been hacked and defaced today by a ˇ§Peace Crewˇ¨ (formerly ˇ§Terrorist Crewˇ¨) who carried out a similar attack on Nato and US military websites in January this year.

The site now reads ˇ§Microsoft New Zealand hacked by Peace Crewˇ¨ and underneath a picture of Bill Gates with a cream pie all over his face are the words ˇ§Aaaare youuuu Hackeeeed !!ˇ¨. Following is a list of the hackers taking credit, the words ˇ§unuttuklarimiz forgive youˇ¨ in Turkish, ˇ§Stop The War Israelˇ¨ in English, and two hacker website domains. The primary hacker is known as Agd_Scorp, who is believed to be Turkish, with hackers rx5 and Cr@zy_King.

The group has hacked Israeli websites in the past,and is responsible for defacing ˇ§numerous high profile websites belonging to the likes of Harvard University, Microsoft, ESET, the NBA, and other world-renowned companies including, but not being limited to, Shell, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Fiat, Pirelli, Goodyear, Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, and Peugeot,ˇ¨ Softpedia reports.


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