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Lockheed Martin, DoD Under Constant Net Attack

Lockheed Martin, DoD Under Constant Net Attack

It’s been a month of bad news for federal security. First came a report that the U.S. electricity grid was hacked (but no damage observed). Then Pentagon officials said that a breach had cost $100 million. Then, earlier this week, came reports that data on the Air Force’s most modern fighter aircraft, the Lockheed Martin F-35, had been lost in a breach.

Officials at Lockheed Martin and the DoD denied a breach but did admit that their systems are under constant attack. “We don’t comment on alleged or actual cyber infiltrations, potential impacts to DoD operations, or any possible investigations, for obvious security reasons (i.e., any information on potential success or failure may assist an attacker). I can say that DoD systems are probed daily,” wrote Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh, a DoD spokesperson, to

The constant attacks demand vigilance, he wrote. “We take all threats seriously, defending in-depth every day. The threat comes in many forms — including recreational hackers, self-styled cyber-vigilantes, groups with nationalistic or ideological agendas, transnational actors, and nation-states. We aggressively monitor our networks for intrusions and have appropriate procedures to address these threats.”


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