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Living with Windows 7 release candidate

Living with Windows 7 release candidate

I’ve been living with Windows 7 for some time now. Indeed, I’ve been using it since the first public release last fall.

At work, it has been my main machine for several months and I frequently bring it home and take it on the road. However, I have relied on my CNET-issued Windows XP machine for a number of key tasks, such as using the desktop version of Outlook and when I needed to access the Internet using a Sprint modem. (Our newsroom USB modem didn’t work with the beta of Windows 7.)

With the release candidate, I was finally able to take the complete plunge. Since Tuesday, I have been using nothing else–at work and at home. And I must say, despite one hiccup that I’ll get to in a minute, Windows 7 is shaping up quite well. There’s a lot to like about Windows 7 for those using Windows XP or Windows Vista.


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