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Kaspersky impressed with Conficker botnet’s slickness

Kaspersky impressed with Conficker botnet’s slickness

Cybercrime fighter Eugene Kaspersky can’t help but be impressed by the slick operations behind the Conficker botnet, and says that it could have been worse had the botnet been after more than just money.

“They are high-end engineers who write code in a good way,” Kaspersky told yesterday. “They use cryptographic systems in the right way, they don’t make mistakes ¡X they are really professional.”

Kaspersky says he’s “60 per cent certain” that Conficker is being controlled from the Ukraine, but can’t be certain. And while the threat posed by Conficker seems serious enough, Kaspersky says, “It could be worse. We are lucky they are just cybercriminals looking to make money and not worse than that.”


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