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Just skip Windows Vista

Gartner: Just skip Windows Vista

Gartner analysts Michael Silver and Stephen Kleynhans have released an advisory recommending that businesses skip Vista in favor of Windows 7. Windows 7 is currently on schedule and is expected to hit the market as a finished product just before this year’s holiday season. Their recommendation includes organizations that have already finished planning for a deployment of Windows Vista–as long as they have not yet started deployment.

The rationale here is that it takes the same amount of effort to deploy Windows Vista as with Windows 7; so why bother with the additional effort when Windows 7 is due so soon? The analysts noted that half of businesses plan to bypass Vista anyway. And if you’re not convinced yet, Microsoft senior vice president for Windows, Bill Veghte, echoed a similar suggestion, asking TechEd attendees to switch any ongoing Vista testing to the recently released Release Candidate of Windows 7.


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