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Is your money at risk between ATMs and banks?

Is your money at risk between ATMs and banks?

You’ve probably become used to checking the card slot on ATMs for any sign that a ‘skimmer’ has been installed, and if you’re like me you’ve also got into the habit of shielding the keypad when you key in the PIN. Now there are reports that criminals have found a way of capturing PINs in transit.

There has been a general assumption that the weak point in banking security is at the customer end. Phishing and sophisticated keystroke loggers that also capture screen activity are just two of the ways criminal elements can get hold of banking and credit card details.

You may have thought that the biggest risk when using an ATM was the potential mugger waiting a few doors down the street, but it seems that criminals have found ways of getting into the ATM network. According to Wired there are at least two approaches that are being actively used to steal PINs and account details from inside.


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