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Intel, IBM discuss 8-core ‘Nehalem’ server chip

Intel, IBM discuss 8-core ‘Nehalem’ server chip

Intel on Tuesday said it will ship a server chip that contains up to eight processing cores later this year, while IBM showed off a high-end server in the works that uses eight such chips, yielding 64 cores.

Intel’s Nehalem-EX processor, in production later this year and expected to be shipping in high-end server systems by early 2010, will feature up to eight cores inside a single chip that supports 16 threads, according to Boyd Davis, Intel’s general manager of the Server Platforms Marketing Group, speaking at a teleconference on Tuesday.

Using threads, Intel essentially doubles the amount of work that can be done on each processing core. IBM, which participated in the conference, discussed a server currently under development that uses 64 Nehalem-EX cores (eight processors) and can handle 128 threads, according to Alex Yost, vice president IBM BladeCenter. “We’re very excited today to be the first to demonstrate Nehalem-EX,” Yost said.


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