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Hacker “Weev” takes credit for Amazon anti-gay glitch

Hacker Weev takes credit for Amazon anti-gay glitch

Earlier in the week a hacker, who identified himself is Weev, took credit for a glitch on by posting a confession on a LiveJournal discussion board Monday morning. The glitch caused many gay and lesbian themed books to lose their sales ranks during the Easter holiday weekend, disappearing from top-seller lists.

The weekend launched bloggers into uproar as individuals become upset regarding removal of a number of books which are adult themed. The removal was discovered by Mark R. Probst, who discovered that his very own gay romance novel The Filly had been affected.

Weev, stated that he was able to remove the sales ranks by exploiting a content reporting feature that let users report inappropriate content. By submitting a multiple reports on any specific book title the book would lose its sales rank.


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