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Gumblar Exploit is the Most Prevalent Web Threat

Gumblar Exploit is the Most Prevalent Web Threat

Malware analysts from security vendor Sophos warn that the number of pages infected with the Gumblar malcious script has recently sky-rocketed, putting the exploit at the top of the list of Web threats. The impact of the previous record setter Mal/Iframe-F now dwarfs in comparison.

According to Sophos, Troj/JSRedir-R, otherwise known as the Gumblar exploit, after the rogue domain it points to, amounts to a whopping 42% of all infections on the Web today. Mal/Iframe-F occupies the second place, its number of infections being six times lower and accounting for only 7%.

“Typically, JSRedir-R is found on legitimate websites, hidden behind obfuscated JavaScript, loading malicious content from third-party sites without the user’s knowledge. In the below case, the obfuscated script tries to download dangerous code from a site called,” Graham Cluley, Sophos’ senior technology consultant, explains.


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