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Google Accelerates Chrome 2 For Windows

Google Accelerates Chrome 2 For Windows

Google’s Chrome browser got faster Thursday with the release of Chrome No, that’s not an IP address. While Microsoft prefers to hide incremental update designations in Internet Explorer to confound hackers, Google wants everyone to know that its engineers are upgrading everything as fast as they can.

At the same time, Google recognizes that some of its users may be confounded by its impenetrable version designations. “We’re referring to this as Chrome 2, but that’s mainly a metric to help us keep track of changes internally,” concedes Google software engineer Darin Fisher in a blog post. “We don’t give too much weight to version numbers and will continue to roll out useful updates as often as possible.”

The new Chrome 2 is mainly about speed. It runs JavaScript-heavy Web pages about 30% faster than the last stable version of Chrome, according to Google.


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