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Gmail gets PowerPoint and TIFF File Viewer

Gmail gets PowerPoint and TIFF File Viewer

Last December, Google added PDF view support for Gmail. And now Google has added options for viewing PowerPoint and TIFF files when sent in Gmail as attachment. No need to save the PowerPoint or TIFF files on the computer.

Gmail has now enabled viewing any PowerPoint or TIFF file attachment within the browse. Earlier, Gmail offered the View as a Slideshow option for PowerPoint files in the mail attachment. The new PowerPoint file viewer option allows zooming in and out, selecting text to copy and paste, and also one can print the presentation to a PDF.

Now all those hackers planting malicious codes in PowerPoint would be able to crash only the web browser at the most. Also, now users won t have to download and install any flash plugin or any special software to view the PowerPoint files. In case of TIFF files as attachment in mails, they can be viewed in Google Docs if more than one page exists in single TIFF file.


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