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Founder and Chief Is Leaving MySpace

Founder and Chief Is Leaving MySpace

Chris DeWolfe, a founder and the chief executive of MySpace, the social networking site owned by the News Corporation, is leaving the company in a management shake-up, the company said Wednesday afternoon. Mr. DeWolfeˇ¦s exit comes on the heels of the appointment earlier this month of Jon Miller, the former chief executive of America Online, as the chief digital officer of the News Corporation.

Mr. DeWolfeˇ¦s exit is involuntary, but Tom Anderson, the president of MySpace and a co-founder of the site with Mr. DeWolfe, is in discussions about a continued role at the company. Mr. DeWolfe will remain on the board of MySpace China.

The News Corporation, which Rupert Murdoch controls, bought MySpace in 2005 for $580 million after a heated bidding war with Viacom. Initially, the acquisition was viewed as a major coup for Mr. Murdoch, but more recently it has fallen short of expectations.


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