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FBI slow to update terror watch list

FBI slow to update terror watch list

The FBI has retained almost 24,000 names on the nation’s terrorist watch list without current or proper justification, while failing to include people who are subjects of terrorist investigations, according to a Justice Department report issued yesterday.

The FBI’s lapses “create a risk to national security,” Justice Department inspector general Glenn A. Fine said in the report. In addition, he said, keeping people on the list improperly can lead to unnecessary delays for travelers at airports, along highways, and elsewhere.

The results also underscore concerns raised by civil-liberties advocates about the list’s accuracy and transparency, and its impact on those who are inappropriately listed – or confused with someone who is on the list. The watch list, maintained by the FBI and fed by a number of government agencies, was created in 2004. As of September, it contained the names of 400,000 people. With aliases, the list grows to 1.1 million names.


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