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Employees can’t expect privacy on employers’ computers (editorial)

Ca: Employees can’t expect privacy on employers’ computers (editorial)

An editorial on the case of high school teacher Richard Cole who allegedly misused his access to the school’s network to access a male student’s email account and download a copy of nude photo that a female student had sent the male student. Cole was arrested after an IT worker performing routine work discovered the folder on Cole’s hard drive and the drive was turned over to the police. You may be surprised by the court’s ruling on this one, so do read the whole editorial.

Now what does this high school teacher who didn’t respect the privacy of his students do to defend himself? He argues police violated his privacy rights by seizing and viewing this computer without having first obtained a search warrant. That’s right, Cole argued he had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his computer and its hard drives and the failure to obtain a search warrant violated his right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure under Section 8 of the Charter of Rights.

Source – The Sudbury Star

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