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Cybersecurity groups band together in malware fight

Cybersecurity groups band together in malware fight

Three cybersecurity groups said Tuesday they plan to band together to combat the growing scourge of malware.

The Anti-Spyware Coalition, National Cyber Security Alliance, and said the Chain of Trust Initiative will link together vendors, researchers, government agencies, network providers, and other groups involved in internet security. The members said they want to establish a united front against malware suppliers in much the way groups coalesced to successfully fight providers of adware several years ago.

“Organization and collaboration are out best tools against an enemy that doesn’t play by any rules,”’s manager, Maxim Weinstein, said in a statement announcing the alliance. “Just by nature of how the internet works, malware distributors have a technological advantage, but we can respond by strengthening our shared networks and by better understanding our shared responsibilities.”

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