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Cybercriminals In The Cloud

Cybercriminals In The Cloud

Security breaches continue to plague organizations, causing CIOs to question whether their traditional network security solutions are adequate for protecting against increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals.

Recently, it was reported that foreign hackers broke into the Pentagon’s $300 billion fighter plane weapons program, a security breach apparently achieved through contractors’ computers. The news is particularly disheartening to CIOs, because if the federal government–with all of its brain power and billions in funds–is still grappling with keeping its data secure, how can organizations and enterprises expect to avoid Internet threats and costly data breaches?

In a bit of serendipitous timing, security vendors discussed a new type of threat protection as they gathered at the annual RSA security conference in San Francisco last month. The much-discussed methodology included “in-the-cloud” security intelligence, as it borrows from reputation services–an effective security technique that has primarily been used to verify sender data in e-mails. Specifically, CIOs will begin to see a major trend this year whereby infrastructure companies integrate reputation services with traditional networking devices such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and firewalls.


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