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Customer hacks ISP website and gets a thank you

Customer hacks ISP website and gets a thank you

his is one story of hacking a website and making a change to your account that seems to have had a happy ending. According to the story, Douglas Mezzer and his roommate had a DSL account with iiNet and everything was going great until his roommate moved out. The DSL continued to work, however the billing was in the roommates name, and due to him not living there and Douglas being responsible for the bill, he thought it fitting to have the name on the account changed.

Of course, it was not that easy. What sounded like a simple name change ended up turning into something much more. It seems that when Douglas logged in he was able to update the address, phone number, email address, date of birth and a few other fields, however he was restricted from making any changes to the first and last name. What to do¡Xhe was forced to call customer service and have them make the change. Unfortunately, that also came with a $59 price tag. With little else to do, Douglas went ahead with the change despite having to pay, but it did not end there.


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