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Confirmed Gmail outage, (Thu, May 14th)

Confirmed Gmail outage, (Thu, May 14th)

I am affected as well. :)
We’ve received several reports in the past few minutes about Gmail being down. Don’t have a timeframe on how long it will be down, but it looks like Gmail has been unresponsive for about the past 10 minutes. I’ll update this diary if it continues.
Update: According to people sending in reports via Twitter, it’s been down for about since about 10:45 EDT.
Update 2: Receiving reports of a total fail of Google Applications. Gmail, Reader, Docs, News, Apps..etc. Thanks for those reports via Twitter.
Update 3: Reports of Google working in some areas (West Coast,, and others), however the outpage appears to pretty widespread for the most part. Probably depends on which Google Data Center you are connected to.

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