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Company Insiders Contribute to Lapses in IT Security

Company Insiders Contribute to Lapses in IT Security

These days, there¡¦s no shortage of tools to combat outside threats to IT security in organizations. However, according to a recent CompTIA study, the root of the problem could be stemming from within the company ¡X among the non-IT staff, in particular.

¡§When looking at some of the causes of the security breaches, we found that it skews slightly towards human error as opposed to some type of technical malfunction or some other type of technical aspect,¡¨ said Tim Herbert, vice president of market research for CompTIA. ¡§That¡¦s a trend that¡¦s of concern to many in the industry.¡¨

Some major areas of concern for IT executives include spyware and viruses, but Herbert said user error has been inching up the list over the years. While the need for additional training of IT employees still exists, more attention should be given to non-IT employees, Herbert explained.


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